Tuesday, 27 August 2013

WFB Polish Team Championships (WFB DMP 2013), part 2

I managed to organize the next part of my pictures from the WFB Polish Team Championships. As I promised earlier, this time some random shots on the tables, some selected army and more interesting miniatures.

And at the very end, closer look on my favorite miniatures:

(Those works, without a doubt, deserve sincere recognition, especially for ideas and their execution... and a pinch of humor. Really, well done ladies and gentlemen!)

And if anyone would be interested, here is the link to the previous post in this topic:

Monday, 26 August 2013

Wyrd Chronicles... all about Wyrd

For some time Wyrd publishes the Wyrd Chronicles journal, where can be found lots of information about the world of Malifaux, and of course many other products of this company. Apart from purely advertising campaign, you can find here reviews, painting guides and detailed explanations some of the rules. But the most interesting aspect of this journal are published the short stories from the world of Malifaux that may cause concern even among ordinary layman. What else could be added here ... just read it!... oh yes, I forgot to clearly say that this magazine is a free download.

Until now were published 7 issues of this journal:

All of them can be downloaded from this site: http://www.malifaux.com/Downloads.php

Urban base for Dreadnought

Some time ago I made this base for one of the csm Dreadnought. Now I found these pictures, so I put it here because I think that this base looks pretty good. The scenery is supposed to represent the fallen city streets from the world of Warhammer 40k.

(unfortunately, photos taken in artificial light, not the best quality)

WFB Polish Team Championships, 24-25/08/2013 Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland (WFB DMP 2013)

Last weekend was held one of the biggest Warhammer Fantasy Battle events of this year… Polish Team Championships 2013. Like every year, this event visited by many people, both a players and onlookers. This year, the Gorzow city hosted about a two hundred players from all over the country. More than a dozen teams competed for ranking points, prestige, prizes and a great championship trophy. As every year, the battle was fierce and full of emotions.

But, besides battles, an interesting aspect of these events is the opportunity to see a lot of various armies and miniatures gathered in one place. During the event, we could see a lot of different armies and interesting ideas of painting and conversions presented by individual players. And that was the main reason that I went to the event in person with the camera.

So, below I present a small gallery of photos, both of the tournament as well as an overview of the individual and more interesting miniatures.

That's all for now. When the rest of the photos will be segregated I'll post here the rest pics of individual army and more interesting miniatures.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 4 now available

The latest issue of the magazine is now available for purchase. As usual, for only £ 1.00 we have a lot of articles, tutorials and reviews to read. As always, sincerely urge all less and more experienced painters to familiarize with this proposal.

Below, a brief description taken from the FPM home page:

'In this huge issue we have not one but two interviews from James Wappel the American painter and successful kickstarter entrepreneur  and Justin Gibbs, games developer from Wyrd Miniatures. We also have reviews of Pontosh the Archer, Michael Kontraros Collectibles' Elf dragon Prince, APG's Hessien Jeager & Guild of Harmony's Arielle. There is also four fantastic tutorials that will help painters of every skill level, plus all the regular features including show reports, reader gallery, whats on the market and the best of the latest miniature release's.'

Link to this subject:

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Resin casting, silicone molds and my own small homemade workshop

For several months I deal with silicone molds and resin casting in home conditions. I already gathered a large set of molds from which I make a variety of model parts, bases and some resin pieces to convert miniatures. I generally use for this purpose commercially available silicones and resins (for example the polyurethane resin FC 52 from Huntsman and silicon MM922 from ACC silicones company).

Resin casting is not a very difficult task, but some more complex elements can't be done in a simple and fast way, especially in home conditions. However, most simple elements can be easily copied using this method.

In the near future I'll try to describe in detail the method for easily creating silicone molds and casting resin at home. For now I don't have pictures of the various stages of creating molds and castings.

And in the meantime here are some examples of my works:

I'm currently trying to copy some entire miniatures that have uncomplicated forms. The results of these works I'll try to present in the nearest future.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Treasures from the depth of wardrobe

Recently looked through my miniatures collection and found some interesting things. One of them is the long buried and forgotten blister of promotional figures produced by the Titan Forge company. These are the resurrected version of goblins... called zomblins. The models are perfectly cast in resin and the idea is also worthy of attention.

Furthermore, in the same package was occasional miniature of zomblin with a Polish accent released specifically for the ETC 2012 event, which was held in Poland last year.

I recommend reviewing the entire offer of this company, because their works are truly remarkable.
Everything can be found on the Titan Forge official website... http://titan-forge.com/