Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Airbrush Compressor Model No. AS-186 - opinion

A few months ago I bought a new compressor for airbrushing. Since then I’ve been testing it to see if it will be as unreliable as the previous one I’ve had. Now is the time for a short summary.

Airbrush Compressor Model No. AS-186 can’t be described as fully professional, but taking it’s price under consideration I must say so far meets my expectations entirely. First of all I recall that the previous compressor after three weeks needed to be send for service to replace the piston. This situation repeated twice over the next three months. Being fed up with constantly malfunctioning equipment this time I have decided to invest in a slightly more expensive machine. And as it turned out  it was a pretty good decision.

Airbrush Compressor Model No. AS-186 is oil-free, single piston and has a built-in air tank, which provides a stable flow of pressure and no pulse-emerging air. The air flow is sustained at 20-23 l/min. It is equipped with an auto Start/Stop level at 3/4 bars. The compressor has a built-in circuit breaker to prevent it from overheating in case of extremely long working hours. The big advantage of this tool is its relatively low noise level ca. 47 db, which allows me to work at any time of a day or night. Together with a fairly low price this feature convinced me to purchase.

I'm happy for one more reason. This may seem funny and not relevant, but its great enhancement is a well-made rubber feet. It is covered with non-slip material to prevent the compressor from "dancing" around the room, as my old one did.

I can't say Model No. AS-186 does not have any flaws thought. In seldom situations when the pressure falls to a automatic start level (3 bar) the compressor does not start properly, does not turn on the startup and it seems as if the engine does not know what to do. Quick reset of the main switch solves the problem and the compressor continues to run properly. So far I did not notice further consequences arising from the problem, and certainly don't mind it at painting.

I can recommend this compressor to all beginners who don't require professional equipment to start with. This compressor provides good quality at fair price and is designed to last, so you might be sure it support you in proces of your skill development. And the last thing, I'm totaly against buying any compressors if not having air tank, it's a total waste of money, time and nerves.

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